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  1. GrandeMARK Machine (Die Not Included)

    GrandeMARK 2 Die-Cutting MachineItem AC7200


    The brand-new AccuCut GrandeMARK 2 Die-Cutting Machine uses commercial steel-rule dies to cut through cardstock, chipboard, fabric and more with ease. As AccuCut’s largest die-cutting machine, the GrandeMARK 2 fits up to giant-size dies with shapes up to 14” x 17”.

    The GrandeMARK 2 is a durable hand-operated machine that will last for many years and is the only AccuCut machine recommended for making precise shapes like note cards, bags and boxes. The sides also fold up, giving you more room to work when the machine is not in use.

    The only maintenance required for the GrandeMARK 2 is occasional replacement of the Die Tray, Cutting Plastic and Cut & Crease Mats. The steel roller never needs to be replaced because the steel-rule dies cut into Cutting Plastic or Cut & Crease Mats, which will stand up to thousands of cuts.

    Download the GrandeMARK 2 Instruction Manual

    Save $609 when you buy the GrandeMARK 2 Super Starter Set!

    Already own a GrandeMARK? You don’t have to buy a new machine. Transform it into a GrandeMARK 2 with the new GrandeMARK 2 Conversion Kit.

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  2. GrandeMARK 2 Cut & Crease Mats

    GrandeMARK 2 Cut & Crease MatsItem CM

    $4.00 - $26.00

    AccuCut Cut & Crease Mats for the GrandeMARK 2 Die-Cutting Machine should be used with respective size dies. Use Cut & Crease Mats the same way as the alternative Cutting Plastic, but they last 10 times longer! They also provide a more defined crease when making cards, bags and boxes.

    Not recommended for use with fabric.

    Individual sizes include one mat each.

    Starter Kit includes one mat each of the following sizes:
    5" x 6", 5" x 15", 10" x 12" and 10" x 15"

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  3. Baby GrandeMARK Die Tray

    Baby GrandeMARK Die TrayItem 406105


    • This is replacement tray for the Baby GrandeMARK machine. (The machine was discontinued in November 2008.)
    • The tray also fits in the GrandeMARK 2 Die-Cutting Machine.
    • Trays last about one year with average use.
    • With very heavy use, the tray must be replaced more often.
    • Replace die tray when cutting and creasing performance is diminished or if tray center bows either direction.
    • To extend the life of the die tray, move dies to different locations each time you cut so one corner of the die is always touching a side of the tray.
    • Learn More
  4. GrandeMARK Tray Adapter Sizzix, Ellison AllStar

    GrandeMARK Tray Adapter Sizzix, Ellison AllStarItem 406503

    Place adapter in the base of an AccuCut GrandeMARK die tray to use with Sizzix® Bigz and Ellison® AllStar® dies. Also compatible with retired AccuCut Zip'eSlim™ dies. Learn More
  5. GrandeMARK Roller Shield

    GrandeMARK Roller ShieldItem 700010

    Set of two replacement GrandeMARK Roller Shields. Bend slightly to insert into position on each side of GrandeMARK roller. Learn More
  6. GrandeMARK Rollers

    GrandeMARK RollersItem 500266AC

    Make your GrandeMARK machine look like new with a set of eight replacement rollers. Set includes eight rollers, including four with tray guides. Learn More
  7. GrandeMARK Instruction Label

    GrandeMARK Instruction LabelItem 109603

    This is a replacement instruction label for the GrandeMARK Roller Die Cutting Machine and discontinued Baby GrandeMARK Roller Die Cutting Machine. Learn More
  8. GrandeMARK 2 Cutting Plastic

    GrandeMARK 2 Cutting PlasticItem PK

    $6.00 - $38.00

    AccuCut cutting plastic for the GrandeMARK 2 Die-Cutting Machine should be used with respective size dies.

    Number of cutting plastic pieces in each item:

    • Cutting Plastic Starter Kit (PK255): 8 (2 for mini/small/large dies, 2 for long cut/extra long cut dies, 2 for jumbo dies and 2 for super jumbo dies)
    • Cutting Plastic-5" x 6" (PK231): 2
    • Cutting Plastic-5" x 15" (PK232): 2
    • Cutting Plastic-10" x 12" (PK233): 2
    • Cutting Plastic-10" x 15" (PK234): 2
    • Cutting Plastic-14 1/2" x 18" (PK250): 1
    • Cutting Plastic-10" x 26" (PK240): 1
    • Cutting Plastic-14 1/2" x 26" (PK270): 1

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  9. Elastic Straps (8" and 10")

    Elastic Straps (8" and 10")Item ES

    $18.00 - $150.00

    Thin black straps with metal stops on the ends work great with paper or polyfoam for masks, visors and crowns.

    Length needed depends on head size (ie, child vs. adult) and item to be used with. In most cases, use the 8" length with masks and the 10" length with hats.

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  10. MARK IV Roller

    MARK 5 and MARK IV RollerItem 404310K


    • The MARK 5 Die-Cutting Machine and retired MARK IV Machine require periodic replacement of the roller and die tray.
    • The roller lasts about one year with average use. With heavy use, it may need to be replaced more often.
    • Replace roller when it turns white.

    Save $10 when you buy the MARK 5 and MARK IV Roller/Tray Kit.

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