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GrandeMARK 2 Die-Cutting Machine

Item AC7200

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Ends 12/21: Save $200 on the GrandeMARK 2 machine!

The brand-new AccuCut GrandeMARK 2 Die-Cutting Machine uses commercial steel-rule dies to cut through cardstock, chipboard, fabric and more with ease. As AccuCut’s largest die-cutting machine, the GrandeMARK 2 fits up to giant-size dies with shapes up to 14” x 17”.

The GrandeMARK 2 is a durable hand-operated machine that will last for many years and is the only AccuCut machine recommended for making precise shapes like note cards, bags and boxes. The sides also fold up, giving you more room to work when the machine is not in use.

The only maintenance required for the GrandeMARK 2 is occasional replacement of the Die Tray, Cutting Plastic and Cut & Crease Mats. The steel roller never needs to be replaced because the steel-rule dies cut into Cutting Plastic or Cut & Crease Mats, which will stand up to thousands of cuts.

Download the GrandeMARK 2 Instruction Manual

Save $609 when you buy the GrandeMARK 2 Super Starter Set!

Already own a GrandeMARK? You don’t have to buy a new machine. Transform it into a GrandeMARK 2 with the new GrandeMARK 2 Conversion Kit.


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Projects Created with this Product

  • Blushing Fan Programs
  • Baby LUNA
  • Halloween Cake
  • Violet Florals Fan Program
  • Violet Florals Invitation Package
  • Graduation Cap Mini album
  • Gift for the Teacher
  • Custom card making
  • Light the Way Album
  • Take a Road Trip Camera Card
  • Good Times at the Zoo Album
  • Be Golden Memory Album
  • Red, White and Blue by the Sea
  • By the Shore Card
  • Elizabeth & Hector Pocket Invitation
  • Mr. & Mrs. Banner
  • Baby Announcement Welcome Jasper
  • Save the Date for Tabitha & Lucas
  • Bride and Groom RSVP
  • Chalkboard Save the Date Card
  • Come Celebrate Flip Card
  • Save the Date Flip Card
  • My Cute Sister Card
  • Special Delivery Shower Invitation
  • The "Big Picture" Camping Album
  • Take Note Coffee Cup Journal
  • Supply Box
  • Pocket Card Boxes
  • Hello Sticky Note Holder
  • Floral Sticky Note Holder
  • Just a Note
  • Isabella and Jackson Wedding Invitation
  • Happy Campers Album
  • Join us for a BBQ
  • "It's the Little Things" Coffee Cup Album
  • Love You! Tea Card With Sugar and Stirrer
  • Hello Summer! Stationery Card Box
  • Celebrate! Pizza Boxes
  • Lucky St. Patrick's Day Banner
  • Basket for May Day or Easter
  • Special Z Fold Card for Mom
  • Good Luck Z Fold Card
  • Sky's the Limit Z Fold Card
  • Congrats, Baby is on the Way Card
  • New Arrival Baby Album
  • Victoria and Lance Frame Invitation Pocket
  • Faith's Sweet 16 Birthday Party Invitation
  • Simple Congratulations Card
  • Welcome Banner
  • Happy 4th Birthday!
  • Family House Album
  • Brayden's Escort Card
  • The Kepner's Place cards
  • 12 Years Old, Cake Topper
  • Create Banner
  • Love You 12" x 12" Page
  • Art Doll House Keeper
  • Jack's Room Sign
  • Friendship Accordion Card
  • Sweet Box
  • Easy Easter Treat Box
  • Easter Easel Card
  • Fill Their Easter Baskets
  • Home Sweet Home Album
  • Milestone Birthday Card
  • School Memories Album
  • Mason Jar Save-the-Date
  • Polka Dot Cupcake Box
  • Smooches & Mustaches Photo Props
  • Luau Party
  • Fall giftbox
  • Texas Boy
  • 80 Years Young
  • Pink and Black Star Wars Baby Shower Suite
  • "Daphne" Custom Clock Dies by Linda Hardwick
  • Animal Print "Elegance" Clock Custom Dies
  • Photo Mantle Clock Custom Made Dies for Linda Hardwick Designs
  • Classic Mantle Clock Cuctom Dies
  • Wedding Invites - A7 Pocket card w/ Tiered Effect
  • Cuctom-Made Accucut Die Named "Elegance"
  • Vintage Frame-Portrait Album

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  • GrandeMARK 2 Die-Cutting Machine
  • Giant Die Tray
  • Super Jumbo (10" x 15") sheet of Cutting Plastic
  • Super Jumbo (10" x 15") Cut & Crease Mat

Either the Cutting Plastic or Cut & Crease Mat must be used in conjunction with steel-rule dies to cut paper or other material. The Cutting Plastic works with all dies, while the Cut & Crease Mat helps make better fold lines with your crease-rule dies. The Cutting Plastic and Cut & Crease Mat are sold in several sizes to match varying sizes of dies. You should purchase additional sizes of both Cutting Plastic and Cut & Crease Mats depending on the dies you will be using with the GrandeMARK 2.

Compatible Dies

  • All AccuCut standard, Clear Cuts and Pinnovation dies up to 15" x 18" (Giant)
  • All AccuQuilt Studio dies up to 15" x 18" (Giant)
  • Ellison SureCut and ClearCrop dies
  • Sizzix Bigz Pro dies
  • Optional tray adapter (item 406503) allows you to use Top Dog Dies steel-rule dies, Sizzix Bigz dies, and Ellison AllStar dies as well as retired AccuCut Zip'eSlim dies
  • Optional tray adapter (item 406505) allows you to use wafer thin, or chemically etched, dies
  • Optional tray adapters (items 506503AC and 506504AC) allow you to use AccuQuilt GO! dies
  • Optional tray (item 406120AC) can fit AccuCut, AccuQuilt Studio, Custom Shape Pros and similar dies as large as 13 3/4" x 26" (Super Giant)


With Sides Down:
24 3/4" x 30 1/4" x 8 3/4" (including handle), 21" x 30 1/4" x 8 3/4" (not including handle)
With Sides Up:
24 3/4" x 11" x 14 3/4" (including handle), 21" x 11" x 14 3/4" (not including handle)

Weight Machine only: 32 lbs., Boxed weight: 42 lbs.
Portable No
Warranty Three Years (Limited)
Manufacturer AccuCut
GrandeMARK 2 - Cutting InstructionsLay die flat inside tray with FOAM SIDE UP. Place material to be cut on top of die, desired side down. HINT: If shape has straight edges (ie, square), angle die slightly in tray. Lay Cutting Plastic or Cut & Crease Mat on top of material.
GrandeMARK 2 - Cutting InstructionsPush die, tray and plastic or mat until they contact roller. Turn handle in the direction you want die to go. If needed, continue pushing until roller grabs die. Roll die and tray through machine.
GrandeMARK 2 - Cutting InstructionsRemove plastic or mat and die cuts. Repeat process from opposite direction. Replace cutting plastic, mat and tray as needed.


  • Compatible with more than 20,000 AccuCut dies as well as same-style dies from other manufacturers
  • Cuts shapes as large as 14 1/2" x 17 1/2" on giant die boards
  • Steel roller never needs to be replaced
  • Only consumable parts are the Die Tray and Cutting Plastic and Cut & Crease Mats which last for thousands of cuts
  • Includes one Die Tray, one Super Jumbo (10" x 15") sheet of Cutting Plastic, and one Super Jumbo (10" x 15") Cut & Crease Mat
  • Optional Deluxe Texturize & Emboss Kit and texture plates allow you to add texture to paper and craft metal -- choose from 10 texture plates
  • Optional tray adapter (item 406503) allows you to use Top Dog Dies steel-rule dies, Sizzix Bigz dies, and Ellison AllStar dies as well as retired AccuCut Zip'eSlim dies
  • Optional tray adapter (item 406505) allows you to use wafer thin, or chemically etched, dies
  • Optional tray adapters (items 506503AC and 506504AC) allow you to use AccuQuilt GO! dies
  • Optional tray (item 406120AC) can fit AccuCut, AccuQuilt Studio, Custom Shape Pros and similar dies as large as 13 3/4" x 26" (Super Giant)

System Maintenance:

The only maintenance required for the GrandeMARK 2 is occasional replacement of the Die Tray, Cutting Plastic and Cut & Crease Mats.

  • Always use an AccuCut GrandeMARK Die Tray when cutting with the GrandeMARK 2.
  • Depending on usage, the Die Tray must be replaced regularly. Average use requires replacement annually; heavier use will require more frequent replacement.
  • You will know the tray needs to be replaced when it warps in the middle, when you hear a popping sound while cutting, or when you are not able to cut as many layers as expected.
  • Replace Cutting Plastic and Cut & Crease Mats when you are not able to cut as efficiently as usual.
  • No lubrication is necessary; all bearings are sealed. Unlike some other AccuCut machines, the steel roller in the GrandeMARK 2 never needs to be replaced.

GrandeMARK 2 Machine Tips:

  • Place desired side of paper face down, so finished edge faces the right direction.
  • For best results, cut with die blades running under the roller at an angle, so they cut like scissors. Die blades should not be parallel to roller.
  • To extend the life of the Die Tray, move dies to different locations so one corner of the die is always touching a side of the tray.
  • To easily engage die, paper and Cutting Plastic/Cut & Crease Mat under roller, position the combination so a corner is pointed toward the roller.
  • Use the same size of cutting mat to match the die board. Use both sides of the Cutting Plastic or Cut & Crease Mat to extend life.
  • Replace the Die Tray when you are not able to cut or crease as many layers as expected.
  • For deeper crease, roll die through the machine and then immediately roll die through in the opposite direction. You can also add more layers of paper to create a deeper crease, or put a piece of copy paper on top of the Cut & Crease Mat.
  • Always use Cutting Plastic or a Cut & Crease Mat with your GrandeMARK 2. Do not attempt to cut directly into the steel roller. Doing so will damage the die and void the die's warranty.
  • To extend life of dies, keep scraps of paper and chipboard out of the Die Tray. Rolling a die through while it is on top of scrap material, or purposely shimming under a die, causes the blades to push through back of die.


Customer Reviews

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The best thing since sliced bread! Review by Donyale
Overall Rating

I make greeting cards and have been honoured to make wedding invitations for two friends. The first time I cut each invitation with a regular paper cutter and, in spite of careful measuring a few were discarded due to inaccurate cutting.
A few years later I received information in the mail about Accucut. I bit the bullet and purchased a Grandemark and have wondered how I managed without my machine! The second set of invitations were a breeze and with the wedding die package I could offer the bride so much more. I have even had a custom die made! I LOVE my GrandeMARK!

(Posted on 4/26/2012)

Perfect - I'll never swap!! Review by Caroline
Overall Rating

I had a Mark IV which was brilliant, but I needed to be able to cut much bigger shapes. Since having the GM (%+ years) I've never looked back. It is my workhorse and I just could not do without it.

Easy to use and with no arm strain (I have an old shoulder injury) and perfect cuts every time.

My GM was second hand and the cogs on the tower had been damaged by the previous owner, but customer services, as always, were helpful, efficient and fast off the mark and quickly dispatched my new tower unit, so now my GM is as good as new.

Personally I think everyone should have one, but they are a substantial size and weight, so do bear this in mind before you make a purchase - they're not that portable!

(Posted on 4/14/2012)

Excellent product Review by Marie
Overall Rating

I treated myself to the GrandeMark when you had your great sale. I have had so much fun with the machine and the different dies-even make a few $ so I could invest in more of the great dies. This has been one of the best investments I have made. Thank you Accucut.

(Posted on 4/11/2012)

THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!! Review by Ruth
Overall Rating

I have tried every machine out there and this one is by far the best and only machine you will ever need.It will be the best investment you will ever make. I have an online invitation business and this has made my life so much eaiser. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY GRANDMARK!!!!

(Posted on 4/10/2012)

Event and Wedding Planning breeze Review by Expressions of You
Overall Rating

As an event and wedding planning business this machine is a complete dream. I used to be afraid to push the envelope and really put my business out there, because I wasn't sure I could keep up with the demand. I used to hand cut all of my invitations and favors! (crazy I know!) But with this machine I can get things done in a jiffy. Would definitely recommend.

(Posted on 4/3/2012)

How have I done without this! Review by Debbie
Overall Rating

I got the GrandMark Multi- Craft Cutting Machine for Christmas, I've wondered how I have gone for 2 years without it. I LOVE making board books and albums but they are expensive. Once you take the initial plunge and buy the GrandMark (or ask for it as a gift, as I did) you will find the things you can make are endless. In the long run the Grand Mark will save you money. It and the dies are sturdy and dependable. It also draws in scrap-booking friends and customers if you have an in-home scrapping business.

(Posted on 2/20/2012)

AccuCut GrandeMARK is the cadillac of diecutting machines Review by sharan
Overall Rating

It is a must have for paperkrafting enthusiats!! Any event or celebration is taken up a notch when celebrated with the use of AccuCut dies. I recentl did formal invites for a senior couples Valentine supper. I used my AccuCut scallop slide card and the invites were all the buzz before the event took place. I owe all the compliments to my AccuCut GrandeMARK and how easy peasy it makes simple things elegant.

(Posted on 2/16/2012)

Fabulous! Review by Meg
Overall Rating

After using AccuCut machines in schools for years, I finally treated myself to my own GrandeMARK. I'm thrilled! It cuts so smoothly and perfectly, and the selection of dies is wonderful.

You can't beat the warranty, and the customer service people are so friendly and helpful. Be sure to join their Facebook page for great deals and fun sneak peeks! :)

(Posted on 2/15/2012)

Excellent product Review by Tonya
Overall Rating

I love the machine and it's ability to cut crisp, clean cuts. I also love the ability to cut the large dies and the thicker chipboard.

(Posted on 2/13/2012)

GrandeMark Review ... 5 Stars Review by Amy
Overall Rating

MACHINE: I use my GM mostly for scrapbooking, but often I am needing to create shower invites, thank-you's, favor bags & boxes for family, friends and the occasional client. With a great machine like this - you can not go wrong. I love this machine.

SUPPORT: After several years and tons of usage, the handle started (& kept) falling off while I was cutting. I kept attaching it, but it would not stay on properly. I contacted customer support and I received a brand new handle ASAP just-like-that!! Awesome. 5-Stars

(Posted on 2/10/2012)

Items 61 to 70 of 76 total

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